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In a lot of ways music is the glue the holds me together. Writing, recording (engineering, producing, mixing etc.) and performing music (singing, drumming, playing guitar, bass, piano, programming etc.) is a core passion of mine. Below is a comprehensive list of my solo releases... 8 albums and two singles. The most recent is at the top. Thanks for stopping by.

FINAL ALBUM 8-COVER-Dragonfly!!!.jpg

when a heart wakes up - 2018

This is my latest album, "When a Heart Wakes Up". Like all of my albums this one is a musical journal that reflects the things I've been thinking and feeling since the last album... there's something different about this album though, in that it feels like it marks a turning point in my life. If my last album "The Hero and the Pain" was like a bookend, this is the other end. It's been a weird, hard and awesome three years. A part of me was ripped open on my last album, and with this album that wound is being stitched up. Through that process, parts of me are also waking up... growth, rebirth... a lot of things.... things better left to the songs than this paragraph! I hope you enjoy it. It's available everywhere online, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube... all over. This album features 11 songs, including "Love You More" which is featured in the 2018 Broken City Percussion show "FALL".

The Hero And The Pain-Adam Watts (Cover).jpg

the hero and the pain - 2016

My seventh solo album. A labor of love... and pain... and perseverance... and a lot of other things. This album features vocals/lyrics and themes that were used within Broken City Percussion's 2017 show "SPINE" ("Motherfather", "Running Out of Heroes" and "From Here You're On Your Own". The album cover is a photo I took of one of my favorite places on earth–just walking distance from my cabin in Julian, CA. 

Adam Watts-WAY OUT-Cover.jpg

WAY OUT - 2014

In a lot of ways my sixth album represented a departure from the creative process of previous albums. A process I've continued to use a lot since. It was inspired by something composer Philip Glass said in the documentary GLASS. To paraphrase, he said something to the affect that poetry is about speaking, dance is about movement and music is about listening... and that he doesn't think about music, he listens for it (or to it). The implication is that composing music is more about a kind of internal listening for the music that's inside you. In another part of the documentary he talks about music as being a kind of underground river that's always running and it's about getting down to it. Both of these concepts resonated with me and shot me off in a direction of realizing that sometimes preconceived notions (about style or an ego-driven final result or whatever) can really muddy the waters when trying to get down to the most pure expression possible. On another level it made me realize how sometimes a lack of technique on a given instrument, or technical habits can you both paint you into a corner when trying to get the inside out. So I set out to write some music with all of this in mind... to really resolve into a place of listening to what was inside me and just trying to get it out... way out. I guess it's a little ironic, because it's really about going way in. What I noticed is that this album ended up feeling far more like a collection of moods rather than a collection of "Songs" in the sense that maybe my previous albums do... it all just feels like I feel. So I guess if you don't like this album, you'd probably hate being me:) This album features the song "BLOOM" which was the title of the first show in the "BLOOM TRILOGY" for Broken City Percussion and marked the beginning of an era of my official partnership with Mike Jackson in that organization... I love it. If you don't know about the "marching arts" activity (commonly known as "drumline"), go do some YouTube'ing! 

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Life on earth - 2013

FALLBORN cover.jpg

Fallborn - 2012

Adam Watts-Murder Yesterday-Cover-Press Shot3.jpg

murder yesterday - 2010

sleeping fire.jpg

sleeping fire - 2006

the noise inside .jpg

The noise inside - 2004